ScotDance USA Competitions

The ScotDance USA Board of Directors has been working closely with the RSOBHD in Scotland to establish health & safety guidelines that will need to be in place before we can resume dance competitions in the US. SDUSA has also established a special Competitions Forward Team focused specifically on these conversations. Our representative on this team for the Southwest Region is Jen Hastings. If you have ideas or concerns you would like to have shared, please ask your teacher to pass them along to Jen for consideration. The guidance will be updated as more information is known, but at this time all competitions have been cancelled through the end of 2020 and it is still unknown when they will be allowed to resume in 2021.


We hope you’ve been watching the RMHD and Fling Together social channels for many of the fun virtual dance events that have been happening this summer and fall.

  • The Fling Together 2020 Video Celebration will leave you inspired and motivated by all the dancers who came together from around the world to “fling together”! Thanks to Alexa Smith for creating this! 

  • RMHD’s Quarantine Fling shared inspiring performances from a little closer to home, with many current and past dancers and even one of our dance dads, performing! Including a special performance by someone who put on her dance shoes again for the first time in a while. Thanks to Hannah (Rutherford) Beavers for this video! 

  • The Cowal World Championships went virtual this year with a special tribute performed by past World Champions. 

  • The Fling Together 2020 event is continuing to host classes this Fall. You can find the classes for the next few weeks on our Fling Together YouTube Channel. This past weekend Flings & Things continued teaching their Greatest Showman choreography for Premiers, as well as a special Pre-Premier Choreography.  Please find the YouTube links to the classes and music below. Flings & Things and Fling Together would like to challenge you to keep practicing the routines and record your own versions. We would like everyone to post them on October 16th using #flingtogether2020. Make sure to tag Flings & Things and Fling Together too, so we can see your videos. Let’s fill our feeds with some fun choreography and share our love for highland dance! 
  • Fling Together will be hosting two more classes on 17th October: Male Jig with Bill Trook (Register here) and Ballet for Highland with Chantal Watt (Register here).  See the Fling Together page on the RMHD website for more details and to register.
  • Watch the Fling Together Facebook page and Fling Together Instagram channels each week this month for the October Practice Challenge with world champion, Erin Blair. You can download the Practice Challenge Tracker from the RMHD website and submit the total amount you practiced by the end of the month to be entered for a prize from For Reel Apparel

Important rule about earning stamps for beginner dancers:

As of January 1, 2011, the Scottish Official Board of Highland Dance instituted a rule regarding stamps earned by Beginner dancers. Stamps will only be awarded if a Beginner dancer places 1st, 2nd or 3rd in at least one of the following Highland dances: Fling, Sword, Seann Triubhas, Strathespey & Reel, Half Tulloch (or Half Hullachan), Special or Trophy Fling. This means if the only dance a Beginner places in are the Lilt and/or Flora, they will not earn a stamp for that competition. This rule only affects dancers in the BEGINNER category. Novice dancers will continue to earn stamps if they win a 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize in any dance.