Claim your dance points now! 

Dance Points
Have you claimed your dance points for the 2018-19 performance year yet? September 30th is the last day you can do so! Request your dance point money by submitting the request form to our treasurer, Cortney Cruch. Dance point money is a benefit of belonging to RMHD by helping you pay for workshops, travel to competitions, purchase dance costumes, etc. If you have any questions or think there are any discrepancies, please contact Shari at

Performance points and money earned for 2019-20 will be announced in October 2020. 

All RMHD members will receive 1 dance point for each performance they attend during the year, unless otherwise noted.

Failure to inform the Coordinator ahead of time that you are no longer able to attend a performance will result in losing 1 dance point from your dance point total for each performance missed.

Dance points are accumulated from October 1-September 30 of each year. At the end of each year a dollar amount is assigned by the Board to different categories of points. Dance point categories and dollar amounts can change from year to year based on performance income and number of performances in a given year.

Dancers can receive 2 performance points if they travel over 50 miles one-way to get to the performance. In order to claim the extra performance point you must inform the Dance Coordinator of your mileage. This applies for two performances in a single trip. After the two performances you will receive one point for every performance thereafter, within the same trip.

Dance point money can be claimed beginning October 1 of the year following the year in which points were earned. 

Dancers must be members of RMHD both in the year that dance points were earned as well as in the year that dance points are claimed. 

Dance point money not claimed by September 30 of the following year will no longer be available to the dancer.

To collect dance point money please complete the Dance Point Form below and submit to the current RMHD Treasurer.