Let’s keep this initiative going and keep “Flinging Together”!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in and made Fling Together 2020 such a success! It was absolutely inspiring to see dancers from all over the world connecting in a new way. So much so that we want to keep the connections going! We are going to continue to use our Facebook and Instagram pages (which will transition from being called USIR 2020 to Fling Together) to stay in touch and bring you some inspiration as we travel down this new road together.

We also heard how much everyone enjoyed the opportunity to dance with others from Australia, Canada, Scotland, the US and even Brasil and Chile! So with the donations we received for the Zoom classes, the Rocky Mountain Highland Dancers is excited to be able to continue to offer more virtual dance classes each month, for free! Dancers from around the world are welcome to participate. Watch our social media accounts for more details on when, what and how to sign up. Each class will also be available for 2 weeks after the class on our Fling Together 2020 YouTube Channel.

Upcoming Classes

Choreography with Flings & Things

Zoom Classes: Saturday, 3 Oct. 2020
Pre-Premier @ 8am (Los Angeles)/ 11am (New York)/ 12pm (Rio de Janeiro)/ 4pm (Edinburgh)
Premier @ 9:30am (Los Angeles)/ 12:30pm (New York)/ 1:30pm (Rio de Janeiro)/ 5:30pm (Edinburgh)

Learn some fun Flings & Things style choreography while exploring how to take your performance skills to the next level. Open to all highland dancers across the world. Class size is limited to 100 participants. If you plan on taking class with someone else utilizing one zoom account, please only have one person register. A recording will be posted on the Fling Together 2020 YouTube channel after the class, so everyone can participate!

Registration closes Oct. 1st

Male Jig Class with Bill Trook and demonstration by Tony Cargill

Zoom Class: Saturday, 17 Oct. 2020 
@ 9am (Los Angeles)/ 12pm (New York)/ 1pm (Rio de Janeiro)/ 5pm (Edinburgh)

Ever wonder exactly what the boys are doing with their arms in the jig? Or maybe you’re a male dancer looking to hone your skills? Let’s explore the intricacies of the male jig with Bill Trook and special guest demonstrator, Tony Cargill. You don’t need to be a male dancer to enjoy this class. Open to all highland dancers across the world. Recommended for premier and intermediate dancers.

Registration opens Oct. 5th

Ballet for Highland with Chantal Watt

Zoom Class: Saturday, 17 Oct. 2020 
@ 10:30am (Los Angeles)/ 1:30pm (New York)/ 2:30pm (Rio de Janeiro)/ 6:30pm (Edinburgh)

Back by popular demand, learn how to utilize ballet to enhance your highland technique. No ballet experience is required. Open to all highland dancers across the world. Recommended for dancers 10 yrs and over.

Registration opens Oct. 5th

Join the Challenge! The Fling Together Practice Challenge.

Join the Challenge! The Fling Together Practice Challenge.

Learn tips from elite level dancers and track your practices for a chance to win some cool prizes. Each month we will be team up with a different dancer and prize sponsor. Keep an eye on our Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram for challenge videos and prize announcements. The challenge is open to all highland dancers worldwide.

How it works:

  • Download and print our Practice Challenge Tracker. This sheet is just to help you keep track of your workouts and goals. For the purposes of this challenge, you may count cross training sessions as a practice.
  • Keep track of your practices. The purpose of this challenge is to motivate and connect, so feel free to share what you’ve been working on on your social channels. Make sure to tag @flingtogether and use #flingtogether2020
  • Submit the Practice Challenge Form for a chance to win the Fling Together Practice Challenge monthly prize drawing. 1 day = 1 entry. So the more days you practice, the more chances you have to win. You can submit the form weekly or at the end of the month. 

Past Events:

Thank you to everyone who attended the live 2020 Broadsword Challenge Class. For those of you who couldn’t attend, the class recording is now available on YouTube. The music for the dance can be found on our channel as well. You can download the written steps and diagram here. We encourage you to practice the steps and post your version of the dance to your socials. Make sure to tag Fling Together and use #flingtogether2020 so we can see your efforts. Happy dancing!

Class Recording
Broadsword Music
Written Steps Diagram