Upcoming Performances

Brass & Bagpipes

RMHD and The Denver Brass have a long history of collaboration. We’re looking forward to performing together again, hopefully in 2021.

Dancers: Sign up to perform

Please contact Shari Gillette (Dance Coordinator) at dances@rmhd.org to sign up for performances and questions. Want to see if you’ve signed up for an upcoming performance, or if your friends will be performing? This list is updated regularly as new names are added to the performance list.

** NOTE: We the end of the ‘RMHD Performance Point Year’ is September 30th. Any Premier (or soon-to-be Premier) dancers hoping to try out for the Brass & Bagpipes show next year MUST have earned a minimum of 5 dance points before September 30th of this year. Read the full rules here. Please consider signing up for the following performances to make sure you have met your minimum requirement, as there will likely not be many more opportunities.

If you are planning to do an RMHD performance, you MUST inform the RMHD Dance Coordinator at least 3 days prior in order to be included in the line-up and earn dance points. Please DO NOT just tell your teacher. 

The line-up will be sent out at least 24 hours in advance of the performance. The number of dancers per dance will vary according to the venue. Our goal is to have adequate space for the dancers to avoid injuries and to not look crowded on the stage. This may mean that for some performances dancers will only be able to do 1 or 2 dances to allow everyone the opportunity to perform. 

RMHD has designated specific steps to be danced at all performances. Please click here, or check with your teacher to be sure you know the RMHD steps prior to signing up for a performance. On rare occasions dancers may do alternative steps, if ALL dancers signed up for the dance know and are comfortable performing the steps. This is to ensure we have a coordinated and polished look during performances. 

Please be ready to dance a 1/2 hour before performance time. Be sure you have all of your costume pieces (don’t forget items like hornpipe hat or jig shoes, if needed). Hair MUST be up in a bun, or if hair is too short for a bun please have it neatly pulled back away from your face. Hair can be in a braid for National dances and Jig only (the ones done in an aboyne or white dress). Please, no floppy bangs!  

If you won’t be able to do a performance you have signed up for, please give the RMHD Dance Coordinator AT LEAST 24 hours notice. If there is an emergency or you are sick, and it is less than 24 hours before the performance, please CALL (do not email) the Dance Coordinator directly (303.332.8160). If you don’t show up for a performance that you’ve signed up for and did not inform the RMHD Dance Coordinator ahead of time, you will LOSE a point. 

Premiers and Intermediates: If you would like to tryout for the Brass & Bagpipes show in the coming year, you must meet the requirements listed here.

To help performances look clean and polished we would prefer that all dancers perform the same steps on stage. Please be sure that you know the steps and are able to perform them before signing up for a particular dance at an RMHD performance. If you are unsure, check with your teacher.

1st–First Shedding
2nd–Toe & Heel
4th–Last Shedding

1st–Addressing the Swords
3rd–Open Pas de Bas or Crossing & Pointing Quick Time

2nd–Side Travel (Shake step)
3rd–Hop Brush Place Beat
4th–Point, Behind, Heel, Toe and Shedding

Strathespey & Reel
1st–Shake & Rock
3rd–Highcut & Spring Points
4th–16 Highcuts Turning

Strathespey & ½ Tulloch
Add: Balance & Pas de Bas 4x


1st–Hop Brush Place Beat
2nd–3 Syncopated Hops Turning, Hop Brush Place Beat
3rd–Pas de Bas, Hop Brush Place Beat
4th–Last (6 Syncopated Hops Turning)

2nd–Pas de Bas
4th–Last (Turning)

1st–Highcut in Front Turning
3rd–Side, Heel & Toe
4th–Last (Everything Step)

3rd–4-Beat Side Run
4th–Heel Travel

2nd–Shuffle Over the Buckle
3rd–Shake, Shake, Rock, Rock

Blue Bonnets
1st–Skip Change of Step & Assemble
2nd–Skip Change of Step & Skip Back
3rd–Assemble Step Close &Skip Back

Earl of Errol
2nd–Double Treble
3rd–Hop & Travel
4th–Single Treble & Changes

Scotch Measure
1st–Hop & Travel to 4thIntermediate
2nd–Plie Break & Bouree Unders
3rd–Pas de Bas Forward & Backward
4th–Hop & Travel to 2nd